Well, here we go. . .

Before anything messy happens, I figured I’d start with the paint set I picked up – in anticipation of the Tau strike force that is staring at me on my desk.

I got myself the Citadel Chaos Black primer and the Citadel Build + Paint set. This should be a good place to start, I said to myself. I didn’t say it aloud, as the store owner was two feet from me, and that would’ve been weird. I thought it though, to myself. Totally not out loud.

Here’s the stuff pre-opening:

It’s fancy, right? Yeah, don’t get your hopes up. It’s exactly what I imagine a freebie looking like when a dealer is looking to hook a new client. There’s a nice selection of colors, BUT there’s a pittance of an amount. It looks like I might be lucky to paint half of my Tau Fire Warriors.

I get it. It’s a business. But is this really all I get?

Harsh. Here’s a peek inside:

imageA single brush. I mean yeah, I get that clippy thing and glue… Wheee.

The paint itself isn’t labeled, so there’s a game of memory every time you want to use one of the “tubs.” In order from top left to bottom right they have given me selections like:

Abaddon Black, Mephiston Red, Leadbelcher, Ceramite White, Waaaghi Flesh, Mournfang Brown, Zandri Dust, Averland Sunset, Armageddon Dust, Balthasar Gold, Macragge Blue, Bugmans Glow, and Earthshade Agrax.

Out of the whole kit and caboodle only one of the paints turned out to be dried out (Armageddon Dust). I don’t know how to feel about it, since I don’t know how much I might’ve been using that color, but it does suck that this huge company can’t manage quality control on one of its beginner products. I mean this is the first glimpse at what the company has to offer for a handful of people.

I’m looking forward to cracking open the Fire Warriors tomorrow. After I look through the rules and make sure I’ve made the right decision in my life.

I will see you on the gaming table!

Edit: Have contacted GW about the dried paint and they are rectifying the problem. So I retract my hateful commentary, they’re not bad people after all.

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