Step 3: Creating a boy band. . .

Welcome back! Hope you’re feeling refreshed and renewed after the weekend – I know I am. So let’s just jump right back into it.

So I looked up some more options for the fire team as I was building them out. I started by working on each one individually – I had set aside six (6) of the ten as snipers, and the remaining four (4) as shotgun/close-range back up. I tried to spread out all the “cool” looking legs for the heavy hitters.


The couple of legs that appeared to be just standing around were the only two (2) I wasn’t impressed with – I felt like the mid-action movements would be more visually appealing. J-5, Tim, and the drones looked on encouragingly. I occasionally found myself nodding at them when I felt I had made appropriate choices for the roster.

Sure enough, when the first one was assembled and I wiped my hands clean of the molasses-style glue I could see the start of a great team – like the kids coming together in The Sandlot or in A League of Their own. (Yes, there is no crying in 40K building.)


Look at him! One-handed sniping champion of his high school class right there, folks! That there’s a real hero in the making. You look at him and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger starts playing – somewhere Rocky IV starts playing (the training montage obviously)!

So now I’m pumped, right! I got J-5. I got Tim. I got the drones. And now this guy… Karl.

It was a bit time consuming – building them one by one was becoming tedious. It was in danger of becoming more of a chore and less of a pastime. But I trudged on. As each one came to life my excitement rose. By the sixth and final sniper I was looking at a Tau assault version of N*Sync or even The Backstreet Boys.

Tau*Sync. Going on tour… Soon.


You’re tearing up their hearts… I’ll stop there.

Even Tim’s in the background mouthing the words hot damn!

I learned a few things that I applied to the remaining fire team members. Made choices in advance. I clipped and sanded those choices. I set them up around their designated bases and when all the pieces were laid out THEN I set out to bring in the glue – cutting down the build time by a significant margin.

I was in business. I was a machine.


Look at those handsome devils!

I want to say that I retained what I learned as I moved on to the Crisis Battlesuits. (Spoiler: I didn’t.)

But we’ll get to that tomorrow.

For now, enjoy your Monday and hopefully I will see you at the gaming table!

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