Step 4: Definitely not a Gundam. . .

Here we go. I finished assembling an entire fire team. I got the recording their first album in the back – just in case the boy band idea takes off. And I crack open the Crisis Battlesuits box.

Nothing here screams out Gundam to me, so I’m thinking my boss lied to me. My inner Weeaboo is trying to make heads or tails of where the giant/mecha/super cool heroic action pose comes in.

So I crack open the manual. The fire team was a field day compared to all the steps I’m looking at. It feels like I’m building my own Transformer – only there’s no Marky Mark here to ruin my mood. It’s okay tough. I learned how to handle these kinds of situations with Tim and the boys. I got this.


That’s how it all starts right there. You’re looking at the main chassis and the “wings” that give the suit flying options. It’s a bit more involved than just putting a torso on some legs and slapping a weapon, a head option, and a backpack.

Also, I started on one again instead of slowly working all of them simultaneously – clearly the lesson I learned with Tim hadn’t sunk in yet.


This is me putting the wing units on incorrectly. Clearly I should’ve put more stock in the manual’s directions and less on my gut instinct. I would’ve saved myself the antagonizing moment of “what just happened?!” that I was met with the second I went to attach the legs.

The legs themselves were another adventure all-together. I was clearly ill-prepared to handle this situation.


The picture doesn’t do it justice (yet) but if you look closely, I damn near copied the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s angle into my “swag walk” on this model. My first thought was: I’ll just compensate by tilting the upper half forward. It’ll give it a nice attempt at Contrapposto with battle suit, right?

Not so much.

Again, diving back into the manual I saw all the things I still had to place on the unit.

There was leg armor. There was antennas on the head. Guns on the forearms. More armor on the chest plate of the model. Fixing the wings so I didn’t look like an idiot the first time I took them anywhere. This was laborious.

But I pulled it all together.


There he is. “Gangsta lean” and all. Was hoping to get the same kind of results as I got with Tim, but this guy didn’t turn out how I planned. So the gatling guns that were going to go to the unit ended up going to the next model in the assembly line. I ended up giving this bad boy a shield generator and a flame-thrower as a back-up/alternate Bodyguard, but we’ll see how I feel about him overall in the future.

The next two came out much closer to what I wanted. You’ll get to meet them tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to priming them and their drones – but I’m getting ahead of myself. One step at a time, right?

I hope to see you at the gaming table!

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