Step 5: The long road. . .

I did it! I managed not to hurt myself in the process and I finished my first “kill team” of Warhammer 40K. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Firstly, I had to wrap up the other two Crisis Battlesuits. The first one was a real eye-opener for me – and I learned my lesson real quick this time.


My first attempt suffers from a debilitating programming error I call “Too Much Crunk Juice.” I wasn’t going to let the second model fall prey to the same virus. So I propped up the leg unit with the priming spray can. Named this one after my Hispanic roots: Mi’Socio.


There he is with Mr. I-got-too-much-swag Jones. I’ve learned that mistakes aren’t world-shattering – I’ll admit it took me out of my groove, but I also redoubled my efforts to make Mi’Socio stand out (and straight).


My excitements short-lived as my hands could not keep up with my mind’s desire to move forward where I should’ve taken a break. And so my Bodyguard’s feet came out skewed. But keeping with the traditional naming an choosing: Fu’Lano – I decided to draw attention away from his feet. So I gave him the two Optimus Prime-looking cannons and the most “come at me” pose I could muster.

Here you can see them in all their splendor:


Look at them! They’re like The Three Amigos of Tu Battlesuits. I forgot what I called the leaning tower of weeaboo back there, but I’m kind of rethinking it all together – I might just call him Kanye.

I definitely should’ve taken a break because looking at the next picture I can see that I clearly wasn’t paying attention anymore.


I think only one of those drones is actually set to face the right way. The worst part about it is that I noticed it now – days after they’ve been glued and primed for painting.

If I decide to dive deeper into the game I’ve already given some thought into creating a whole painting station on my desk. There are post-it notes stuck on the unit boxes with capitalized reminders to look at the manual BEFORE assembling anything, and to make sure everything is facing the right way.

They may not be dropping a fire album anytime soon, but Tim and the boys are looking good right now:


After this I’m moving on to painting. But as that will be done slowly (as I am a pain-in-the-butt perfectionist) I’ll be switching gears with the blog and handling a behind the screen look at the current Dungeons & Dragons game I’m running for The Silver Dragon Tavern & Games owner and some friends.

There’s going to be high fantasy intrigue and murder and players leaving and joining and leaving the group, so I’ll have plenty of tips and tricks on handling those kinds of situations as a Dungeon Master (DM).

If you enjoyed my first timer’s delve into 40K and you want to see more, don’t worry as I have already been gifted another fire team (that I’m going to build into Breachers) so there will be more of my (mis)adventures with miniatures and molasses glue and trying not to harm myself with the clippy things.

Our adventures together are merely beginning. There’s so much more on the horizon – and I’m excited to see what you guys like and what you guys don’t like.

But until then, I hope to see you at the gaming table!

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